1. Structure: no nuc., unicellular

  2. Mode of reproduction: binary fission (bacteria is split into two)

  3. Method of eating:
    1. • Chemotrophic use inorganic molecules to feed
    2. • Heterotrophic feeders (omivores)
    3. • Parasitic
    4. • Phototrophic use light to feed
    5. • Saprotrophic eat dead organisms

  4. Visually: Bacteria is shiny or moist, usually uniform in shape, circular
    1. Ex of bacteria we consume: xanthium gum (slime), yogurt, paste, Italian dressing, and juice

  5. Test for sensitivity for how it reacts to given substance (zone of inhibition appears when bacteria is sensitive to that substance
    1. Plates:
      1. 1.3 Play sound
        Clostridium tetani
        , endospore (burst to spread-survive)Ex: anthrax and tetanus
      3. 1.4 Play sound
        , photosynthetic cyanobacterium